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Posted on9 Months ago

An ambulance stretcher is an essential piece of equipment for ambulances, without which it would be difficult to imagine their smooth operation. This seemingly simple piece of equipment makes it possible to safely transport an injured person and minimize the risk of aggravating injures that have already occurred.

Use of ambulance stretchers

The ambulance stretcher is one of the most important components of any ambulance and is used in a variety of situations:

Transporting the patient from the scene to the ambulance

In a situation where the injured person cannot move independently or a change in body position could risk aggravating the injury, the rescue stretcher proves to be an indispensable solution. Thanks to the straps, the patient can be carefully stabilized and safely transported to the ambulance.

Transport to hospital

In most cases, the patient on an ambulance stretcher is transported from the ambulance to the hospital, directly to the treatment room.

Transporting the patient to another facility

People who are unable to move and are in hospital for an extended period of time may be transported on an ambulance stretcher to another facility, for example when additional tests or simply a change of treatment location are required.

Types of rescue stretchers

It is important to know that various stretcher variants can be found on the market, such as rolling stretchers, pick-up stretchers, folding stretchers or stretchers for use in very confined spaces. Rescue stretchers are used not only in ambulances, but also, for example, by fire brigade teams.

The ambulance stretchers are distinguished first and foremost by their distinctive design, in which the folding transport system, i.e. the wheels, can be seen at first glance. These allow the ambulance crew to quickly and safely transport the injured person to the vehicle. Most ambulance stretchers are also equipped with a mattress, handles (useful for patients who have retained consciousness after injury), as well as an extensive strapping system.

What should a high-quality ambulance stretcher have?

Ambulance stretchers are equipment for special tasks - to a large extent they are responsible for the safety of the person requiring immediate assistance, so reliability is the main indicator of their quality. Like other types of rescue equipment, stretchers undergo regular technical inspections.

Above all, a good ambulance stretcher must be robust and durable, in order to be able to transport patients of different weights.

Ambulance stretcher models are equipped with folding castors so that emergency personnel can transport the patient to the ambulance quickly and without much effort. The equipment also has special feet so that the stretcher can be placed firmly on the ground.

A mandatory component of an ambulance stretcher is also a safety strap system, which allows the patient to be stabilized in position. It is good if the ambulance stretcher is equipped with a pediatric system, which allows the transport of infants.

A final but no less important feature of good quality stretchers is that they are easy to clean. They should be made of materials that can be easily cleaned and disinfected after each use..

Where to buy a trustworthy ambulance stretcher?

If you want to equip your facility with a good quality ambulance stretcher, we encourage you to take a look at the Medical Service Team's offer. In our catalogue, you will find various models of rescue stretchers that undergo careful, regular technical inspections.

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