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Cardiac chair – operation and use

Posted on11 Months ago

The cardiac chair is a piece of equipment that is used in the operations of various services, including rescuers and firefighters. It allows the safe and rapid transport of a disabled or injured person even from difficult to reach places, including buildings without a lift. We explain how the cardiac chair works and why it is worth getting this particular piece of equipment.

What is a cardiac chair?

A cardiac chair, also known as a rescue or transport chair, is a special type of medical equipment that is designed to transport elderly, disabled and injured people. As the name suggests, this equipment is in the form of a chair to which the person in need of assistance is secured by special straps.
Transport chairs are considered indispensable equipment in situations where the transport of a patient would be difficult using a traditional stretcher (e.g. from a high floor of a building without a lift).

Use of the cardiac chair

Cardiac chairs have a wide range of uses, which is why they should be included in the equipment of every emergency facility. It is used not only by hospitals or rescue centers, but also by fire stations. Private individuals, such as carers of disabled people, can also obtain a cardiac chair.
•    The cardiac chair is ideal for areas without a lift, as it is designed to safely transport the patient up stairs.
•    This is a great convenience for rescuers - the cardiac chair is lightweight and does not require a lot of force. It can be operated by two people.
•    Cardiac chairs are used in the event of accidents, the need to transport a patient with a mobility disability, or the urgent evacuation of a patient from a building (e.g. in the event of a fire).
•    Modern cardiac chairs are foldable and therefore also extremely easy to store. The equipment will easily fit into a car boot..

How the cardiac chair is constructed?

Cardiac chairs are constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum.  Although they look uncomplicated at first glance, every single component of this equipment has an important function.
•    Foldable design - this makes the chair easy to transport, and special locks prevent the chair from folding down during patient use
•    Swivel wheels - allowing comfortable and safe transport on a level surface, but also on stairs
•    Footrest - increasing patient comfort
•    Seat - guaranteeing a load capacity of up to approximately 150 kg
•    Handles and straps - allowing the patient to be secured and the chair to be lifted by the rescue team.

Advantages of cardiac chairs

Transport chairs are very popular due to their various uses. What else appeals for this type of equipment?
•    A cardiac chair is a cheaper alternative to so-called stairlifts. In many situations it performs much better than traditional disability wheelchairs.
•    They are mobile, foldable and easy to transport and, thanks to their aluminum construction, light and handy.
•    Thanks to their swivel wheels, they allow effortless maneuvering even in difficult conditions.
•    They are comfortable and safe for the person requiring assistance.
The best cardiac chair for your facility
With cardiac chairs, your team will be able to provide quick and effective assistance even to those who have difficulty moving independently. We encourage you to check the transport chairs available in our offer. At the Medical Service Team you will find chairs from reputable manufacturers at very attractive prices!

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